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Blair Glencorse

Accountability Lab

Blair Glencorse is Co-CEO of the Accountability Lab – which makes governance work for people around the world. Blair and his team have done everything from building large-scale socially conscious music campaigns in Nigeria; to monitoring and improving public services in Pakistan; to running a global TV show called Integrity Icon to “name and fame” honest government officials. Blair is also an expert on anti-corruption with the World Economic Forum; a member of the World Bank’s Expert Advisory Council on Citizen Engagement; and is the Co-Chair of the C20 Anti-Corruption Working Group, advising the G20 on issues of anti-corruption on behalf of global civil society. Blair speaks and writes regularly on issues of open governance, citizen participation and governance.

Blair joined the OGP Steering Committee as a civil society member in 2020.

Follow Blair on Twitter @blairglencorse and the Accountability Lab @accountlab.

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