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Portrait of Catalina Uribe Burcher

Catalina Uribe Burcher

Catalina is a Senior Programme Officer at International IDEA. Her work focuses on research and policy-oriented analysis regarding political finance, corruption and conflict. Catalina has written extensively about these topics, most recently two chapters for International IDEA’s 2017 ‘Global State of Democracy’ publication. Catalina also co-authored the report ‘Protecting Politics: Deterring the influence of organized crime on local democracy’ in 2016, the book ‘Illicit Networks and Politics in Latin America’ in 2014, and the report ‘Illicit Networks and Politics in the Baltic States’ in 2013. During this time, Catalina also contributed articles for inter alia the Washington Post, openDemocracy and InSight Crime, as well as conferences at IPI, the UN and ODI. In addition, Catalina is leading the design of the IntegriTAS– Threat Assessment System, a tool that looks at the threat of nexus between organized crime and democratic politics, which is expected to be launched in early 2018. Catalina is a Colombian lawyer specialized in Criminal Law. She holds a LL.M degree in International and Comparative Law from Uppsala University in Sweden. She is also part of the expert network of the Global Initiative against Transnational Organized Crime and was awarded the ‘Drugs, Security and Democracy’ fellowship from the Social Science Research Council in 2012. With over ten years of professional experience, Catalina has worked in Sweden, the US, Latin America, West and Southern Africa, and the Baltic States.

Authored Content

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