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Portrait of Deepesh Thakur

Deepesh Thakur

Deepesh Thakur is the Director for Advocacy and Justice for Children for South Asia and Pacific Regional Office. He provides strategic leadership in the areas of advocacy and social accountability to the South Asia and Pacific Region and country offices. This includes working with country offices to ensure the availability of technical advice, capacity and support to maximise their strategic policy advocacy and social accountability achievements. He works in collaboration with the broader regional civil society mechanisms to lobby for change of government structures and systems in South Asia and Pacific. Deepesh has worked in Mongolia as Director for Public Engagement responsible to provide leadership in developing and influencing government policies to promote child protection and children’s rights. Deepesh has also worked in Nepal in various capacities including leading World Vision Nepal’s’ efforts to influence government policy and practise to provide greater benefit and services to vulnerable children and their families. Deepesh has worked at the grassroots level directly implementing projects for the betterment of services and broader development and also has experiences in policy formulation and implementation at national and regional levels.

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