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Denisse Miranda

Chief Finance & Operations Officer

Denisse Miranda is the Chief, Finance and Operations Officer of the Open
Government Partnership (OGP). In her current role she leads on the
administration, financial resilience, and overall health of the organization. As
a member of OGP’s Senior Leadership Team, she also leads on the overall
strategic direction of the OGP Support Unit/IRM and the implementation of
the annual work plan to advance OGP’s strategy. She has over 15 years of
experience in non-profit sector, including several management, leadership
and advocacy roles in civil society. She is from Honduras and moved to the
US in 2015 to join the OGP Support Unit.

She has been involved with OGP in different roles since 2011. First as a civil
society representative in her home country’s OGP multi-stakeholder forum
and later as part of the research team responsible for the Independent
Reporting Mechanism (IRM) reports in Honduras.

Before joining OGP she was the Governance and Transparency Coordinator
for the National Federation of NGOs in Honduras, leading on advocacy
initiatives in justice sector reform, anti-corruption initiatives and legal
reforms to strengthen democratic institutions and the legal enabling
environment for civil society. She also provided legal and organizational
development support to organizations facing challenges with fundraising,
government regulations for NGOs and strategic planning. In her work in
Honduras, she also led civic participation programs to train and empower
youth and grass-root organizations on social audit methodologies and public
policy advocacy tools.

She has a Master in Global Governance and Human Rights from Universidad
Castilla de la Mancha, Spain

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