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Portrait of Dr. Amer Bani Amer

Dr. Amer Bani Amer

General Director, Al Hayat Center-RASED

Dr. Amer Bani Amer is the founder and director for a NGOs in Jordan under name “Hayat Center – Rased”.

Hayat Center is a Non-Governmental Organization established by a group of young Jordanian activists in 2006. Through its RASED for Open Government Partnership Monitoring Program, Hayat Center-RASED works on monitoring the Jordanian government’s performance in regards to selected commitments/plans through the lens of transparency, accountability, openness, and civil participation. Hayat Center-RASED worked as an Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) for Jordan’s first and second national OGP action plans 2012 – 2015. During the last two years Hayat Center-RASED intensify its work with the government on building the capacity of government’s staff, and to help the government to implement its commitments by developing communication channels between government entities and Civil Society/Civil Based Organizations (CSOs/CBOs). In 2016 Hayat Center-RASED established a coalition of CSOs/CBOs “TATWEER” aiming to enhance government’s transparency and enhance the cooperation with Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (MOPIC) – The responsible ministry for coordinating OGP in Jordan.
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