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Portrait of Dr. Mo Ibrahim

Mo Ibrahim

Dr. Mo Ibrahim is the Founder and Chair of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation which he established in 2006 to support good governance and exceptional leadership on the African continent.

Sudanese-born, Dr Ibrahim has a distinguished business career. In 1989 he founded Mobile Systems International (MSI), a world leading cellular consulting and software provider and in 1998, Celtel International, one of Africa’s leading mobile telephone companies which pioneered mobile services in Africa.

Dr. Ibrahim is also Founding Chairman of Satya Capital Limited, a private equity fund focused on Africa.

Dr. Ibrahim has received numerous honorary degrees and fellowships from a range of academic institutions and is also the recipient of a number of distinguished awards.

Mo Ibrahim became a Senior Adviser to OGPs Independent Reporting Mechanism in 2012 and was focused on protecting its credibility and strength. This role developed into a more ambassadorial role and in 2014 the Steering Committee agreed that as an existing Senior Adviser, Mo Ibrahim would become OGPs first Global Ambassador.

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