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Emma Arcos

Human Resources Officer

Emma Arcos joined the Open Government Partnership as the Human Resources Associate in October 2021. They provide operational support in a variety of capacities, including being the first point of contact for human resources inquiries from their team members.

Emma’s HR work focuses on diversity and inclusion, employee experience, and recruiting talent. Prior to joining OGP, Emma worked at a natural foods cooperative and consulted on HR projects that increase social equity. While earning their B.A. from Boston College in Communication and French, they managed an educational non-profit radio station, WZBC-Newton, 90.3FM, where they oversaw news and music programming that advances human rights and abolition.

In their free time, Emma is a collage artist and gardener. Their radio show, Fry It Grrl Refrite, plays international punk with a mix of Quebecois pop music. They enjoy cultivating abundance in work, relationships, and relaxation. Emma can be reached at

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