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Fayyaz Yaseen

Country Representative, Pakistan. While working as desk editor at a news agency in Islamabad, Fayyaz developed interest in socio-political and economic affairs in Pakistan. The more he observed the political economy at play, the more he was convinced that the factor most hindering growth and development his country was corruption, self-centered and inept politicians, and a lack of accountability of both the political representatives and the public officials. Fayyaz got more involved in research, and worked with leading think tanks in Islamabad to explore and reflect upon issues of corruption and accountability in various public sectors. While participating in the Atlas Corps/Think Tank LINKS Fellowship in Washington DC in 2014, he met the Accountability Lab and was excited for the opportunity to expand Accountability Lab’s work to his country. Fayyaz now leads the Accountability Lab’s Pakistan office and supports young change-makers who are committed to promote integrity through innovative accountability tools.

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