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Gabriella Razzano

Gabriella is a law graduate working at ODAC as the head of research. She has a BA LLB from the University of Cape Town, graduating with distinction in Sociology. She formerly clerked with Justice Yacoob of the Constitutional Court and worked with University of Witwatersrand. She has a particular focus on access to information and freedom of expression issues. She is a Founding Director of Code for South Africa, and a participant in the International Visitor Leadership Program.

Authored Content

Connecting the Dots

The Open Government Partnership (OGP) initiative stands as an important opportunity for the advancement of open government data, domestically. After celebrating its first five years, the OGP can redirect its focus from the cementing of its own processes, to driving…

OGP: Progress in South Africa

In South Africa spring is newly sprung, and that energy has been channeled into a comprehensive civil society monitoring plan for the South African Open Government Partnership Commitments. South Africa, as a founding partner, lodged its Action Plan of eight…