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Portrait of Georg Neumann

Georg Neumann

Georg Neumann manages communication and advocacy at the Open Contracting Partnership. At the Inter-American Development Bank, Georg has led the Digital Strategy of the Multilateral Investment Fund focused on supporting micro, small and medium businesses and entrepreneurs in Latin America. He also co-initiated the organisation’s portfolio of projects testing social innovations such as crowdfunding. The nexus to transparency and anticorruption originated at Transparency International where he managed online and internal communications of the global movement and led the discussion of solutions to use technology to fight corruption. He has worked in development projects in Mexico and Morocco and holds a Masters in Strategic Economic and Social Communications from the University of Fine Arts in Berlin.

Twitter @georg_neu

Authored Content

From Useful to Used: Ideas for second generation open contracting commitments

User-Centered Open Contracting: The next frontier in OGP We’ve seen the status quo being challenged in public procurement. The large sums of money and the amount of discretion and opacity involved make it government’s number one corruption risk – so…

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