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Portrait of Hercules Jim

Hercules Jim

Mr Jim, 25 years old from Papua New Guinea works with Consultative, Implementation & Monitoring Council and seats in the Steering Committee of OGP in PNG. He is also a member of Youth Against Corruption-a program under TI-PNG and seats in the Youth Coliation as a advisory committee member & co-chairman of Jiwaka Students & Graduates Association. Mr Jim was one of the few brave men that orchestrated the 2016 nationwide student protest against PNG’s corrupt government. Mr Jim and a crowd UPNG students were attacked and shot by the country’s police force.

Authored Content

Youth-led Solutions for Open Government: An Intergenerational Dialogue

The OGP Asia-Pacific meeting from the 5-6th of November 2018 in Seoul, South Korea gave prominence in bringing in new frontiers to open government, most notably the voice of the youth in the region. The same sentiment was also expressed…

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