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Portrait of Ilham B Saenong

Ilham B Saenong

Ilham B Saenong, Program Director of Transparency International Indonesia (TI-I), has been part of the Open Government Indonesia (OGI) Core Team since its inception. He was the CSO coordinator of OGI in 2013-2014 where he led development of National Action Plan 2014-2015 and coordinator of the OGP Asia Pacific Civil Society Day and Market Place, in Bali 2014. He is also among the Project Leaders of the Open Governance Project to mainstream OGP values and implement Open Governance Scorecard. He collaborates with the Anti-Corruption Commission (KPK), National Planning Bureau, UKP4 and now the President Office in promoting integrity and anti-corruption through campaign and citizen engagement, particularly using ICT, movies, social accountability mechanism and OGP platform.

Authored Content

Linida Story, When Villagers Open Up Local Government

Linida, as beautiful it may sound is not somebody’s name, nor a government project. It is a story of people engagement in negotiating their demands to shape the development agenda and improve public services in Batang district, Central Java, Indonesia.…

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