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Portrait of Jonathan Fox

Jonathan Fox

Jonathan Fox, Professor School of International Service, focuses on the relationship between citizen participation, transparency and accountability, from both scholarly and practitioner perspectives. He has carried out extensive research in rural Mexico, and with Latino immigrant organizations in the US. His projects involve dialogue with a wide range of public interest groups, grassroots organizations, development agencies, private foundations and government policymakers.

Authored Content

2017 Global Education Monitoring Report: Accountability in Education

The thirteenth annual Global Education Monitoring Report came out recently, and it synthesizes the state of the art of accountability in the education field. Sponsored by UNESCO, GEM Reports are editorially independent, and their mandate is to monitor progress towards…

From transparency to accountability?

Assessing how international multi-stakeholder initiatives are contributing to public governanceAdvocates of open government have created a growing number of public governance-oriented multi-stakeholder initiatives (MSIs).The idea behind these initiatives is to bring reformers together across sectors and national borders, to set…