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Portrait of Joseph Foti

Joseph Foti

Joseph directs the Independent Reporting Mechanism of the Open Government Partnership (OGP), which annually assesses national performance on OGP commitments. Prior to his work at OGP, he worked as a Senior Associate for the Access Initiative, a network led by the World Resources Institute (WRI). During his time at WRI, Joseph helped develop a number of indicator-based toolkits to assess access to information, public participation, and access to justice for matters affecting the environment. In particular, he led work in Latin America, work on poverty and open government and citizen participation in climate change adaptation policy. He was the lead author on a number of papers and reports, including “Voice and Choice Opening the Door to Environmental Democracy” and “A Seat at the Table: Including the Poor in Decisions for Development and Environment.” Joseph began his career as a public school teacher.

Authored Content

OGP en África: Compromisos notables

Want to read this blog in English? Están ocurriendo cosas importantes en los países africanos miembros de OGP. Sin embargo, en el reciente informe  de los “compromisos destacados de OGP” (las reformas más ambiciosas de OGP) no se incluyó ningún…

OGP Africa: Commitments to Watch

¿Quieres leer este blog en español? Big things are happening in African OGP countries. Yet, a recent report on OGP’s “starred commitments”--the most ambitious reforms in OGP-- did not feature any African commitments, showing the difficulty of implementation across the continent.…

¿Cómo y por qué hacer comentarios a los informes de avances del IRM?

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