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Portrait of Lesly Baesens

Lesly Baesens

Lesly was the Independent Reporting Mechanism Program Associate. She was in charge of identifying, contracting and training local researchers as well as working with the IRM Manager to track and shepherd quality control processes for international reports in each OGP country. She also assisted in fact-checking national studies and assisting in the editorial process as well as coordinating international events and conferences. Lesly is from Belgium but lived in Washington, DC, for over 10 years. She previously worked with the World Resources Institute (WRI) where she was the Project Coordinator for the Global Secretariat of The Access Initiative, a network of civil society organizations working on issues of transparency and accountability in environmental decision-making processes.

Authored Content

Bridging the Ambition-Implementation Gap in OGP Africa

Electoral boundaries in Kenya. Unifying all national bank accounts in Sierra Leone. Mapping conservation areas in South Africa. Land ownership data in Liberia. For those who follow events in each of these countries, these are all big ideas with potentially…

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