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Lola Janecky headshot

Lola Janecky

Analyst, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

Lola Janecky is an analyst on the Open Government team at the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS). Lola joined TBS in May of 2022 and has since worked with both the open data and open government team. Lola is currently the coordinator of Canada’s Open Government Community of Practice, a bi-monthly community of practice group which brings together open government professionals from federal, provincial, territorial and municipal government to work towards advancing Canada’s open government program. She is also involved in the ongoing development of Canada’s 2025-2029 National Action Plan on Open Government. Lola holds a bachelor’s degree with honors in History from McGill University and has been published in McGill’s Indian Ocean World Centre Working Paper series.

Authored Content

Social media public servants

Countering Disinformation: A Guidebook for Public Servants

As public servants, disinformation and the degradation of public trust have a palpable impact on our ability to effectively serve the public. To address this, the Government of Canada developed a guidebook to provide Canadian federal public servants with an understanding of the threat disinformation presents, as well as to offer a consistent approach to navigating this growing threat.

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