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Portrait of Markus Sherman

Markus Sherman

IRM Researcher

Markus joined the Open Government Partnership in January of 2018 as part of the Independent Reporting Mechanism team. Prior to OGP, Markus worked as a research assistant on the “World Bank Human Rights” project at the USC Security and Political Economy Lab and presented findings of the study nationally. He also served as the Program Coordinator at the USC Center for Active Learning in International Studies, directing an outreach program to foster international education in Los Angeles Area high schools. He is currently studying at Eastern China Normal University in Shanghai, China, and intends to graduate from the University of Southern California with a BA in International Relations (Global Business) and Chinese in Spring 2020.

Authored Content

Featured Commitment – Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka – AP1 2015-2017 (2016-2018) Theme: Women in Political Governance Commitment 15: Strengthening Women’s Participation in the political decision-making process at the local level Across the globe, women have seen slow-moving and limited progress on advancement of rights and…

Compromiso Destacado: Kenia

Plan de acción 2: 2016-2018Compromiso 1: Desarrollo de políticas de cambio climático más transparentes y participativas a nivel nacional y subnacional   OGP es una plataforma internacional que permite presentar ideas ambiciosas para promover reformas de gobierno abierto, además de…