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Munyema Hasan

Deputy Director

Munyema leads the Learning & Innovation program where she oversees OGP’s external and organizational learning. She is responsible for designing advanced learning approaches and strategically delivering learning programs in close collaboration with the OGP country support team and with OGP government and civil society members. She also leads on measurement and evaluation of OGPs contributions and impact, and designs organizational learning practices to influence OGPs strategy. Munyema has over 10 years of experience working in the open government field, and holds economics and political science degrees from the London School of Economics, American University in Cairo, and the University of California, Berkeley.

Authored Content

Workshop at OGP Global Summit

Learning in the Face of Complexity

How does OGP learn, and what are we learning? Read about our learning journey and how we've adapted our approaches throughout our 10 years as a Partnership.


Launching an Evaluation of OGP

Oxford Policy Management will conduct an evaluation to address core questions around the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and impact of the OGP platform and strategies on reform processes in different contexts.

OGP’s Year in Review (One more annual report?!!)

If you're looking for the OGP Year in Review, please find it here.   In the weeks before we hit the finish line on our annual report, we came across Ruth Levine’s blog suggesting they can be a waste of…

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