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Portrait of Olena Ursu

Olena Ursu

Portfolio Manager for the Democratic Governance and Reform Program of UNDP Ukraine

Olena Ursu serves as the Portfolio Manager for the Democratic Governance and Reform Program of UNDP Ukraine. Olena joined the United Nations Development Programme in Ukraine in 2005.

Since 2017, she has been coordinating the UNDP project “Civil Society for Enhanced Democracy and Human Rights in Ukraine”, as well as other initiatives, aimed at strengthening the civil society role in advancing the democratization reforms and promoting human rights in Ukraine.

These projects supported the organizational development of civil society organizations and their networks, especially at the regional level; public participation in policy-making processes; increased openness, transparency and accountability of the state executive bodies and local self-government bodies through the open data and public budgets; development of innovative tools for public monitoring and improving the quality of public services; promotion of youth innovations. Supporting the Government of Ukraine in implementing the Open Government Partnership agenda has become the priority for the Democratic Governance Program since 2011, when Ukraine joined the OGP.

Authored Content

Ukraine’s Brand New Approaches to Leveraging the Open Gov Commitments

Since joining  OGP in 2011, Ukraine has successfully implemented three national action plans, which has led to breakthrough transformations in governance. And now, the Ukrainian Government and its civil society partners have started implementing the fourth action plan, adopted in…

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