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Portrait of Paola Brizi

Paola Brizi

Paola Brizi is majoring in Political Science at the “Sapienza” University of Rome, with a thesis on “Open government, Open Data and transparency of public administrations”. She is currently co-managing her family business that specializes in renewable energy and has just founded a startup in the field of culture and social innovation. In 2013 she also obtained a Master in Europrojecting in Brussels, and she has been recorded to the European Register of euro-Designers & Project Managers drafting projects to raise funds and support the activities of organizations rooted in the European territory. In 2012 she participated in a workshop on Smart Cities and communication techniques at the Youth Politicians’ Best Practices (YPBP), School of Politics and Policy, of Gardone Riviera, Italy.

Paola works as an editor at Labsus – the Laboratory for subsidiary, an Italian NGO that promotes the model of shared administration. She is also a member of  Wister – Women for Intelligent and Smart Territories.

Authored Content

Un modello “bottom-up” per l’open government italiano

L’Open Government Partnership è un accordo multilaterale che mira a riunire quei paesi i cui governi e le cui società civili vogliono lavorare insieme per sviluppare e attuare ambiziose riforme di governo aperto attraverso metodologie standard. Esso coinvolge diversi attori:…

A bottom-up model for Italian Open government

As a multilateral initiative, the Open Government Partnership aims at connecting the countries whose governments and civil societies are willing to work together to develop and implement ambitious open government reforms through shared methods. It involves governments, politicians, administrators, citizens…