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Portrait of Paola Brizi

Paola Brizi

Paola Brizi is majoring in Political Science at the “Sapienza” University of Rome, with a thesis on “Open government, Open Data and transparency of public administrations”. She is currently co-managing her family business that specializes in renewable energy and has just founded a startup in the field of culture and social innovation. In 2013 she also obtained a Master in Europrojecting in Brussels, and she has been recorded to the European Register of euro-Designers & Project Managers drafting projects to raise funds and support the activities of organizations rooted in the European territory. In 2012 she participated in a workshop on Smart Cities and communication techniques at the Youth Politicians’ Best Practices (YPBP), School of Politics and Policy, of Gardone Riviera, Italy.

Paola works as an editor at Labsus – the Laboratory for subsidiary, an Italian NGO that promotes the model of shared administration. She is also a member of  Wister – Women for Intelligent and Smart Territories.

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