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Paul Chaffey

Paul Chaffey

Paul Chaffey is a former state secretary in the ministry of Local Government and Modernisation in Norway 2013-2021. His main responsibilities were public sector innovation and digitalization, government reform, public-private partnerships, sharing data, building digital ecosystems and designing and linking services across sectors and levels of government. He served on the OGP Steering Committee on behalf of the Government of Norway 2013-2015 and was involved in OGP summits and regional meetings, the development of Norway’s second, third, and fourth action plans, the establishment of a council for dialogue with civil society during the whole Solberg government period 2013-2022.

Paul is an advocate of OGP not only working with countries where democracy and transparency are under threat, but also in adding value as a facilitator and source of inspiration and support for government reformers and innovators who work in mature and open democracies and want to achieve more.

Paul now works in the Oslo, Norway-based design and innovation consultancy company Halogen as head of their department for systemic design.

You can find him on Linkedin here.

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