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Rosario Pavese

Senior Regional Coordinator, Americas

Rosario joined the OGP Support Unit in April 2017 as a Program Officer at the Government Support and Exchange team. Her primary focus is to provide guidance and assistance to governments across Americas, as well as facilitating exchange and learning between governments.

Prior to joining OGP, Rosario worked at Buenos Aires City Government, mainly promoting openness and transparency through different projects, being one of them the participation of the city in the OGP Subnational Pilot Program. Previously, she worked for civil society as a Political Institutions and Government Director at Poder Ciudadano, Argentine Chapter of Transparency International.

She holds a degree in political sciencie, from Universidad de Buenos Aires, and is currently working on her master degree thesis, on Electoral Analysis, Law and Management, from Universidad de San Martín.

Rosario can be reached at

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