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Portrait of Salua Nassabay

Salua Nassabay

Dr. Salua Nassabay was born in Colombia and graduated in 2001 as an electronic engineer at the University San Buenaventura. She received a doctorate in computer science at the University of Granada, Spain. In 2013, Salua completed her Masters in Human Rights, International Law and International Cooperation at the European Institute Campus Stelae in Santiago de Compostela. Salua is passionate about education, human rights, humanitarian aid and international law. Since 2008, Salua worked as a consultant for SIEBEL Customer Relation Management (CRM) and Oracle Databases. Salua’s expertise in CRM is invaluable to organising civic campaigns via CiviCRM which we have in place. Salua is a core team member of the Open Knowledge Foundation Ireland. 

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