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Portrait of Tamara Puhovski

Tamara Puhovski

I am a sociologist, innovator, public policy junky and an open government consultant. With experience in civil society sector, academia, international organisations as well as civil service and diplomacy, I am constantly finding new ways to bring various sectors together and identify and pursue public good oriented innovative solutions. To make things more interesting for innocent by-standers, I like to say I’m a time traveler journeying to 19th and 20th century public policy centers and trying to bring them back to the future with me.  I hold Bachelors Degrees in both Sociology and Political Science and a Masters in European Union and am about to finish a second Masters in Diplomacy.

Authored Content

Make Open Great Again – OGP 2021

It's 2012, I am sitting in the cabinet of the Deputy Foreign Minister Joško Klisovic, with my notebook and a pen on my lap, trying to catch all the new information and tasks at my new job. I am impressed,slightly…

Open Youth: The Next Generation of OGP

This year, Croatia had the biggest number of searches on Google as a summer destination. Some of them (here we value quality over quantity) were searching for an elite training program for future world leaders - The Open Youth Academy.…


We, young people from around the world, gathered here in Rovinj, Croatia, on 2nd September 2015 at the Open Data Youth Camp, to express our commitment to the principles of open, transparent, participative and accountable government, which provides efficient services…