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Portrait of Thom Townsend

Thom Townsend

Thom Townsend works in the UK Cabinet Office and leads the UK’s involvement in OGP.

Authored Content

Faces of Open Government- Thom Townsend

¿Quieres leer este blog en español? How important is open government to you?   It's what makes a democracy work. Democracy shouldn't, and isn't, just about voting every few years, it's about everyday participation and you need an open government…

Rostros del Gobierno Abierto – Thom Townsend

Want to read this blog in English? ¿Qué importancia tiene para ti el gobierno abierto? Es lo que hace que la democracia funcione. La democracia no debería ser, ni es, sólo una votación que ocurre cada cierto periodo, sino que…