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Portrait of Usama Ahmed

Usama Ahmed

Usama Bakhtiar Ahmed has over 13 years of experience conducting policy research, analysis & advocacy for governance programs funded by UNDP, USAID and DFID, among other international donors. He has in-depth understanding of rule of law, anticorruption, violent extremism and public sector reform. He has worked for governance reform throughout the Asia-Pacific region, as well as at the national and sub-national levels within Pakistan. He holds a Master of Science degree in Public Policy and Management from Carnegie Mellon University, USA and also has several international publications to his credit. He is currently engaged with the UNDP for a regional study that is exploring the link between corruption and violent extremism across 5 countries in the Asia Pacific.

Authored Content


A new beginning in Pakistan

This blog is part of a series on public service delivery for open government. The government of a middle-income country wanting to hold itself accountable? Possible. Wanting to base this accountability on hard numbers that tell us how 200 million…