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Corruption harms everyone by taking tax dollars from needed public services and projects. OGP lead in innovating new solutions and ensuring compliance with international norms.

Introduction & Overview

Corrupt practices affect millions of people worldwide, as tax dollars meant for vital public goods and services disappear. Studies have shown that low-income individuals and families are ultimately most negatively impacted.

Combating corruption is fundamental to the OGP platform. Left unchecked, corruption erodes citizens’ trust in their government and its ability to serve their interests.

OGP countries have used their action plans to drive anti-corruption results in several promising areas:

Beneficial Ownership

Beneficial ownership transparency has emerged as an important tool for combating corruption, stemming illicit financial flows, and fighting tax evasion.

Open Contracting and Procurement

In open contracting and procurement, institution transparency and accountability have proven to save money and broaden competition.

Money in Politics

Transparency in the funding of campaigns, political parties and democratic politics is an essential public accountability mechanism, empowering oversight of government decision- making processes.