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Environment and Climate

Credit: Li-An Lim via Unsplash


Environmental policies have long been the crucible for open-government – from instituting public participation through environmental impact assessments, to disclosure through pollutant release transfer registers, to publishing enforcement and compliance data online. Of course, the challenges of the global climate require new policies, instruments, and innovations to ensure maximum resilience against intensifying climate changes.

Transparency allows governments, citizens, and markets to see the true cost of pollution and develop responses to that information. It also provides information on the amount of subsidies granted to fossil fuel and related industries. Public participation creates opportunities and forums to discuss and weigh alternative approaches for development. This is especially vital for vulnerable communities who may not typically have a seat in decision-making spaces. Finally, ensuring that there is accountability for decision-making, through adequate access to justice, public oversight of decision-making, and well-established grievance and dispute resolution mechanisms can help ensure safer and healthier communities.

The added pressure of protecting against the worst effects of climate change requires additional innovation. Open data and access to information on greenhouse gas (GHG) contributions can help drive innovation and identify high return-on-investment alternatives to GHG-intensive activities. Public participation in legislation, regulation, and planning for both mitigation and adaptation can increase public buy-in and improve public awareness. This is critical in planning for the increasingly unpredictable and sometimes disastrous effects of a warming world.

Since the launch of OGP, members have made dozens of commitments related to transparency and community participation in environmental issues. Many of these commitments focus on publishing geospatial data on conservation areas and protected lands. A few seek to involve citizens in environmental policy-making through climate resiliency programs and conservation efforts. These commitments are often highly impactful. According to OGP’s Independent Reporting Mechanism, more than a quarter of environment commitments results in significant improvements to government openness.

The OGP community works to share innovation and provide additional visibility for organizations and members who are working to improve environmental quality, mitigate the worst effects of climate change, and adapt to the intensifying changes.

Ramani Huria Closing Workshop – Credit Ramani Huria Flickr

The Payoffs of Open Climate Data

This blog was originally posted on the World Resources Institute website here. In the aftermath of the 6.5 magnitude earthquake in Aceh, Indonesia, in 2016, disaster managers were able to able to identify which communities were at greatest risk due…

gente_en_bici_con_tapabocas_-_familias_y_ninos_262 (1)

Open Information is Key in the Fight Against Climate Change

At the beginning of the year, cities around the world in the C40 network (a climate leadership group) agreed that recovering from the pandemic requires a new commitment from cities to fight climate change...


  1. Collective Actions on Climate and Sustainable Development through the Open Government Partnership

    2017, Document, PDF

  2. A Guide to Open Government and the Coronavirus: Green Transitions – Climate and Environment

    The economic, social, climate, and health crises of 2020 are undoubtedly costly, but they present an opportunity to build back…

    2020, Guidance Document, Web Page

  3. Natural Resources Fact Sheet

    Snapshot of global progress and member-level examples of natural resources work in OGP

    2019, Document, PDF

  4. Buenos Aires Cambio Climático (Buenos Aires Climate Change)

    Explore how the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina is working to be a more resilient, inclusive and carbon neutral city.T

    2020, Outbound Link, Web Page

  5. Data for Climate Action in Chile - Final Report

    Effective responses to fight climate change require the collection, sharing and use of data. Explore findings from the Open Data…

    2020, Outbound Link, Web Page

  6. Open Climate Governance Primer

    As OGP co-chairs in 2016-2017, the Government of France and World Resources Institute made climate change and sustainable development core…

    2017, Resource, Web Page

  7. Implementing Open Data Strategies for Climate Action: Suggestions And Lessons Learned for Government and Civil Society Stakeholders

    The World Resources Institute and Open Data Charter promotes greater accessibility of climate-related data by building government officials’ and other…

    2021, Outbound Link, Web Page


  1. Starred commitment Adoption of the Environmental Assessment Code

    GE0057, 2016, Anti-Corruption

  2. Starred commitment Citizen Monitoring Air Quality

    UY0097, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  3. Starred commitment Citizen-Centered e-Government

    SE0013, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  4. Starred commitment National Climate Change Plan

    HN0059, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  5. Starred commitment Well-Being Duty

    UK0089, 2016, Anti-Corruption

  6. Starred commitment Energy Sector Watch: Transparent, Accessible and Participatory

    CL0032, 2016, Anti-Corruption

  7. Starred commitment Strengthening Environmental Democracy

    CL0033, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  8. Starred commitment National Water Plan

    UY0072, 2016, Anti-Corruption

  9. Starred commitment Promote Open Climate Data

    US0094, 2015, Public Service Delivery

  10. Starred commitment Improvements of Transparency and Efficiency in Public Administration Work

    HR0014, 2014, Public Service Delivery

  11. Starred commitment Strengthening Environmental Democracy

    CL0031, 2014, Anti-Corruption

  12. Starred commitment Publish List of Mandatory Public Information on Environment Such as Information Regarding Any Action Harmful to Natural Environment and People’S Health.

    MN0006, 2014, Public Service Delivery

  13. Starred commitment Implement the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

    US0037, 2013, Anti-Corruption

  14. Draft law on public participation in environmental protection

    RS0046, 2020, Public Service Delivery

  15. Amend legislation to establish enviromental impact assessment portal

    RS0051, 2020, Public Service Delivery

  16. Create website for open climate data

    ES0080, 2020, Public Service Delivery

  17. Create Open Registry of Climate Information of Spain (RAICES)

    ES0081, 2020, Public Service Delivery

  18. Regulate citizen collaboration on meterology

    ES0082, 2020, Public Service Delivery

  19. Facilitate public participation in marine NATURA 2000 NETWORK

    ES0083, 2020, Public Service Delivery

  20. Open participation process regarding MeteoAlerta plan

    ES0084, 2020, Public Service Delivery

  21. Modify decree on State Council for the Natural Heritage and Biodiversity

    ES0085, 2020, Public Service Delivery

  22. Establish mechanisms to reconsider coastal governance

    ES0086, 2020, Public Service Delivery

  23. Increase public participation in coastal protection strategies

    ES0087, 2020, Public Service Delivery

  24. Open collaboration for easy and corruption-free procedures

    CO0083, 2020, Public Service Delivery

  25. Environmental Information System (SIAC)

    CO0084, 2020, Public Service Delivery

  26. Democratization of local development

    CO0089, 2020, Public Service Delivery

  27. Open Government Strategy of the Mayor's Office of Cali

    CO0090, 2020, Anti-Corruption

  28. Interoperability of Environmental Data Disclosures

    PE0093, 2019, Public Service Delivery

  29. Virtual Platform on Socio-Environmental Conflicts

    PE0094, 2019, Public Service Delivery

  30. Community Climate Resilience Pilot

    AUS0006, 2019, Public Service Delivery

  31. National Environmental Policy

    LK0034, 2019, Public Service Delivery

  32. Open Official Statistics

    BA0004, 2019, Public Service Delivery

  33. Improve waste-management practice

    IAS0002, 2019, Public Service Delivery

  34. Open Environmental Data

    GR0074, 2019, Public Service Delivery

  35. Transparency

    IT0058, 2019, Public Service Delivery

  36. Governance of Waste Management

    MN0047, 2019, Public Service Delivery

  37. Implement EITI

    PH0061, 2019, Anti-Corruption

  38. Transparency in Extractive Industries

    AR0079, 2019, Anti-Corruption

  39. Community Water Management and Planning

    NR0002, 2019, Public Service Delivery

  40. Climate Mobilization

    PAR0007, 2019, Public Service Delivery

  41. Climate Atlas

    DK0066, 2019, Public Service Delivery

  42. Publish Terrain, Climate, and Water Data

    DK0067, 2019, Public Service Delivery

  43. Information on National Actions on Climate Change

    LU0004, 2019, Public Service Delivery

  44. Escazu Implementation

    EC0004, 2019, Civic Space

  45. Citizen Participation in Sustainable Rural Development

    MX0076, 2019, Public Service Delivery

  46. Transparency of Forestry, Water, and Fishing Management

    MX0084, 2019, Anti-Corruption

  47. Center for Territorial Intelligence

    CR0061, 2019, Public Service Delivery

  48. Implementation of the National Water Plan

    UY0099, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  49. Environmental Complaints' Management System

    UY0100, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  50. Environment Portal

    GE0070, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  51. Monitoring and Reporting on Climate Change

    UY0101, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  52. Indicators of Welfare and Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

    UY0125, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  53. National Energy Efficiency Plan

    UY0130, 2018, Anti-Corruption

  54. Accountability for the Commitments of the Departmental Government of Rivera

    UY0133, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  55. Awareness-Raisinga About Climate Change

    MK0138, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  56. Procedure for Public Participation in Public Consultations of MARN

    SV0094, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  57. Transparency in Extractive Industries

    HN0078, 2018, Anti-Corruption

  58. Evironmental Data Sharing

    MO0005, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  59. Access to Administrative and Environmental Information

    PT0007, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  60. Climate Change Policy Evaluation

    BR0108, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  61. Publish Data on Environmental Protection Funds

    RS0030, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  62. Transparency in Waste Management and Creation of a Waste Information Platform

    MAD0009, 2018, Anti-Corruption

  63. Open Geo-Spatial Data for Development

    KE0020, 2018, Digital Governance

  64. Decentralization and Local Development

    SAO0007, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  65. Public Pariticipation in Sustainable Development

    FR0046, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  66. Open Science

    FR0047, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  67. Disclosure of the Amount of Harmful Substance Contained in Foods

    KR0043, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  68. Accountability and Citizen Impact on Climate Action.

    PY0057, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  69. Environmental Information

    PY0058, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  70. Open National Priority Data

    KR0046, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  71. Smart Map Civic Activity Portal

    TBI0006, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  72. Access to Services and Civic Engagement

    TBI0008, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  73. Publishing Environmental Information

    UA0078, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  74. Database of Natural Resources

    UA0079, 2018, Anti-Corruption

  75. Priority Electronic Services

    UA0081, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  76. Sensitize and Educate the Public About the Effects of Climate Change, Efficient Use of Natural Resources, Disaster Risk Management, Care of the Environment and Its Publication in Open Data

    GT0085, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  77. Promote the Second Phase of the Adaptation Strategy Climate, Through the Model Climate Adaptation (MAC), Participatory and Publishing Open Data.

    GT0086, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  78. Opening of Public Data on Climate Change and Its Financing

    CR0050, 2017, Public Service Delivery

  79. National Plan for the Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

    IL0028, 2017, Public Service Delivery

  80. Access to Environmental Information and Improving Transparency Mechanisms of Environmental Information

    PE0067, 2017, Public Service Delivery

  81. Strengthening Spaces That Bring Together the Public, Private and Civil Society Sector for the Conclusion of Proposals for Design, Implementation and Monitoring of Regional and Local Environmental Policies (Municipal Environmental Commissions - CAM and Regional Environmental Commissions - CAR)

    PE0068, 2017, Public Service Delivery

  82. Financial Transparency - EITI Standard

    DE0005, 2017, Anti-Corruption

  83. Citizen Participation in Environmental Policy and Urban Development

    DE0008, 2017, Public Service Delivery

  84. Urban Transport Plans Major Cities Developed and Implemented with the Participation of the Citizenry.

    PE0075, 2017, Public Service Delivery

  85. Platform on Climate Change: Information Transparency and Action

    AR0042, 2017, Public Service Delivery

  86. Developing a New Transparency Portal for Madrid City Council

    MAD0002, 2017, Anti-Corruption

  87. Open Contracting

    NG0002, 2017, Anti-Corruption

  88. Strengthening Intersectoral Committee for Environmental Democracy (MIDA)

    CO0061, 2017, Public Service Delivery

  89. Strengthening Regional and Youth Participation

    CO0073, 2017, Public Service Delivery

  90. National Environmental Act (NEA) Amendments

    LK0007, 2016, Anti-Corruption

  91. Coast Conservation

    LK0008, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  92. Climate Change

    SL0017, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  93. Flora and Fauna Protection

    LK0009, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  94. Information Transparency of the Owners of the Entities with Rights to Use Mineral Resources

    MN0033, 2016, Anti-Corruption

  95. Developing Climate Policies at National Level in a Transparent and Participatory Manner

    MK0118, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  96. Open Data on Climate Change at National and Local Level

    MK0119, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  97. Ensuring Private Sector Accountability and Involvement in National Climate Change Action

    MK0120, 2016, Anti-Corruption

  98. Increase Openness of Federal Science Activities (Open Science)

    CA0055, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  99. Participatory Management for Environmental Protection

    SV0085, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  100. Transparent Production "Case Sugar Sector"

    SV0086, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  101. Monitoring Water and Sanitation Services

    HN0055, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  102. Resilient Communities

    HN0058, 2016, Anti-Corruption

  103. Electronic Monitoring System of Forests

    AL0059, 2016, Anti-Corruption

  104. Codelco Transparency Website

    CL0035, 2016, Anti-Corruption

  105. Transparency Regarding Environmental Information

    NO0047, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  106. Transparency Regarding Rainforest Funds

    NO0049, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  107. Enhance the Transparency in the Environment and Sustainable Development Sector

    TN0026, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  108. Marine and Maritime Activity

    GR0044, 2016, Anti-Corruption

  109. Open Data and Active Transparency in Environment Issues

    BR0098, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  110. Develop Transparent and Participatory Policies Regarding Climate Change Challenges

    JO0055, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  111. Environmental evaluations portal

    IT0070, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  112. Digital system for waste managment data

    IT0071, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  113. Environment and Forrest Sector Public Complaints

    ID0061, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  114. Environmental Management Information Portal

    ZA0019, 2016, Anti-Corruption

  115. Reducing Vulnerability and Risks Associated Variability and Climate Change, Generating, Disseminating and Articulating Date, Affordable, Public and Binding on the Public Decision-Making Information.

    MX0074, 2016, Anti-Corruption

  116. More Transparent and Participatory Development of Climate Polices at the National and Subnational Level

    KE0010, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  117. Increasing the Quality and Quantity of Published Open Data

    RO0047, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  118. Public Environmental Information and Natural Resources

    PY0030, 2016, Anti-Corruption

  119. Ministry of Environment and Waters e-Government Strategy and Roadmap

    BG0043, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  120. e-Register of VOC-Emitting Installations and e-Services

    BG0044, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  121. Environmental Public Monitoring

    UA0066, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  122. Access to Government Data

    AU0010, 2016, Anti-Corruption

  123. Design-Thinking Collaborative Method

    BG0063, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  124. Transparent Actions in the Integrated Management for Disaster Risk Reduction.

    GT0077, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  125. Promote Transparent Climate Policy Development

    IE0031, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  126. GIS Applications for the Register of Protected Areas in Bulgaria

    BG0075, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  127. Consultations and Dialogue on International Instruments

    UY0064, 2016, Civic Space

  128. Environmental Monitoring Points

    UY0070, 2016, Anti-Corruption

  129. Uruguay Species List

    UY0071, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  130. Publication of Energy Data

    UY0075, 2016, Anti-Corruption

  131. Creation of Spatial (Geographic) Data Web-Portal for the Energy Sector

    GE0045, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  132. Watershed Committees

    PA0019, 2015, Public Service Delivery

  133. Open Federal Data to Benefit Local Communities

    US0089, 2015, Public Service Delivery

  134. Environmental Information System

    CO0039, 2015, Public Service Delivery

  135. Open Collaboration Onf the Arctic

    US0102, 2015, Public Service Delivery

  136. Social Map

    CO0048, 2015, Anti-Corruption

  137. Environmental Public Expenditure Management

    CO0049, 2015, Anti-Corruption

  138. Civil Society & Transparency in COP21 Conference Planning

    FR0027, 2015, Public Service Delivery

  139. Collaborate with Civil Society on Climate and Sustainable Development

    FR0029, 2015, Public Service Delivery

  140. Publish and Revise 70% of Mining and Agricultural Lease Agreements and Contracts

    SL0009, 2014, Anti-Corruption

  141. Open Data Portal for Transparency in Fiscal and Extractive Transactions

    SL0011, 2014, Anti-Corruption

  142. Adherence to the Global Compact of the United Nations Organization

    SV0075, 2014, Anti-Corruption

  143. Electronic Access to Protected Areas

    AL0038, 2014, Public Service Delivery

  144. To Audit the Accounts of the Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs to International Standards

    TT0011, 2014, Anti-Corruption

  145. Provision of Open Geospatial Data

    GR0017, 2014, Public Service Delivery

  146. Devoting Transparency in the Environment Field

    TN0020, 2014, Public Service Delivery

  147. Accelerate Open and Good Governance Practices in Natural Resources Management

    ID0039, 2014, Anti-Corruption

  148. Improve Public Participation in Environmental Preservation

    ID0042, 2014, Public Service Delivery

  149. Community Empowerment to Support Environmental Sustainability

    ID0044, 2014, Public Service Delivery

  150. Ensure That Resources for the Care of Damage Caused by Natural Disasters Are Used with Strict Standards of Transparency and Accountability.

    GT0029, 2014, Public Service Delivery

  151. Access to Environmental Information.

    DO0034, 2014, Public Service Delivery

  152. Develop and Deliver Access to Environmental Information (AIE) Training Module for Public Officials

    IE0017, 2014, Public Service Delivery

  153. Increased Participation of Sector Stakeholders in Defining the Goals of the National Maritime Rescue Plans.

    ES0023, 2014, Public Service Delivery

  154. Increasing Responsibilities and Promote the Concept of Environmental Protection (DEM – AD Treska, Makedonski Brod and Other Stakeholders):

    MK0086, 2014, Public Service Delivery

  155. Enhance Performance Benchmarks for Local Governance

    PH0023, 2013, Public Service Delivery

  156. Forest Management

    ID0019, 2013, Anti-Corruption

  157. Transparent FONDEN - Reconstruccion.Mx

    MX0058, 2013, Public Service Delivery

  158. Mining for Everyone

    MX0060, 2013, Anti-Corruption

  159. Environmental Care Based on Evidence

    MX0061, 2013, Public Service Delivery

  160. Participatory Environmental Protection

    MX0062, 2013, Public Service Delivery

  161. Develop an Integrated and Publicly Accessible Portal of Environmental Management Information

    ZA0012, 2013, Public Service Delivery

  162. Development of an On-Line Crowdsourcing Tool That Will Allow the Public to Submit Data on Protected Areas and Conservation Areas.

    ZA0013, 2013, Public Service Delivery

  163. Hold a Forum on Access to Information and Public Participation in Environmental Issues

    CR0011, 2013, Public Service Delivery

  164. Having Cleaner Beaches

    MT0001, 2012, Public Service Delivery

  165. Environment

    MT0003, 2012, Public Service Delivery

  166. Public Participation in Environmental Matters

    CL0019, 2012, Anti-Corruption

  167. Environmental Management Portal Feasibility Study

    ZA0008, 2012, Public Service Delivery

  168. Publish Environmental Open Data on Central Public Authorities Websites

    MD0004, 2012, Public Service Delivery

  169. Develop Methodological Guide

    MD0005, 2012, Public Service Delivery

  170. Integrating Preventive Environment Tools

    BG0015, 2012, Public Service Delivery

  171. Streamlining Environmental Assessment Procedures

    ES0011, 2012, Anti-Corruption

  172. Environmental Issues Access

    PE0010, 2012, Anti-Corruption

  173. Facilitate Access to Specific Databases

    BR0023, 2011, Public Service Delivery

  174. Provide Enforcement and Compliance Data Online

    US0004, 2011, Anti-Corruption

  175. Corporate Accountability C: PET Plastic

    MX0006, 2011, Public Service Delivery

  176. One-Map Portal

    ID0011, 2011, Public Service Delivery

  177. Environmental Openness

    ID0012, 2011, Anti-Corruption

  178. Access to Environmental Impact Studies

    MX0031, 2011, Public Service Delivery

  179. Climate Change Finances and Expenditures

    MX0032, 2011, Public Service Delivery

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This blog was originally posted on the World Resources Institute website here. In the aftermath of the 6.5 magnitude earthquake in Aceh, Indonesia, in 2016, disaster managers were able to able to identify which communities were at greatest risk due…

gente_en_bici_con_tapabocas_-_familias_y_ninos_262 (1)

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