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56 Local Jurisdictions Join Global Partnership to Promote Open Government

OGP welcomes 56 new local jurisdictions composed of 64 local governments and civil society organizations to join OGP Local at a critical time for open government.

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Don’t Let Cash Slip Away: Strengthening Government Oversight of Stimulus Spending Through Robust Institutions with Broad Mandates

Explore how oversight bodies with strong legal and actual institutional strength and a broad mandate can contribute to effective stimulus oversight during the pandemic. This is the second blog in a limited series on strengthening government oversight of stimulus spending.

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Don’t Let Cash Slip Away: How to Build Strong Government Oversight of Stimulus Spending

As governments around the world implement massive stimulus packages to protect individuals’ economic and physical wellbeing in the midst of the pandemic, robust oversight mechanisms are essential to ensure these huge social programs reach intended recipients.

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Ready to Act: Open Gov, Service Delivery & COVID-19

COVID-19 shocked our lives. More than 7 million people worldwide have tested positive for the virus, with frontline workers, health systems, and vulnerable populations suffering the most. COVID is disrupting our working routines and changing our plans and strategic priorities.…

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Open Response + Open Recovery: Inclusive Participation and Civic Space in Times of Crisis

Open government reformers from the Asia-Pacific region discuss how to maintain inclusive civic participation and hold and expand civic space during the COVID-19 crisis. Watch the recording...