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Indonesia – Expanding Access to Legal Aid

Indonesia: Mayor acceso a la asistencia legal

2018 – 2020 OGP Action Plan, Commitment #14

Many Indonesians currently face barriers to justice – stemming from the limited national budget for legal assistance, an increase in the number of legal cases, low quality and limited availability of services from the Legal Aid Organization, and lack of legal knowledge in Indonesian communities. To address these challenges, the National Law Development Agency will expand city and provincial regulations that guarantee government support for legal aid, increase and improve current legal aid services through the Legal Aid Organization, and increase citizens’ awareness of their legal rights through education programs. In addition, the Agency will establish a community legal center where people can obtain legal information. The government hopes these measures will improve the satisfaction levels reported by legal aid service recipients.

Photo Credit: Open Government Indonesia

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looking for the email address of the Bunga Meisa Siagian

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