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Implementing SDG16+


United Kingdom – Revealing the True Owners of Anonymous Companies

Whether helping criminals launder cash, allowing terrorists to shift money, or providing a vehicle for the fantastically wealthy to avoid taxes, anonymous companies are the go-to tool for hiding money...


Liberia – Justice from the Ground Up

In Liberia, citizens often lack a clear understanding of how their justice system works. In an effort to build trust in the judiciary, the Chief Justice's Office of Liberia will improve government capacity...

Beautiful Riga old town panoramic view from above

Latvia – Empowering Anti-Corruption Watchdogs

In an effort to strengthen the current law, the State Chancellery and the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau created mechanisms to make it easier for individuals to report potentially unethical activity by the government.


Sri Lanka – Citizens Use the RTI Law to Retrieve Government Compensation

After decades of failed initiatives to promote the right to information, Sri Lanka finally enacted its Right to Information Act (RTI) in 2016. The law allows Sri Lankans to scrutinize their government more closely...


Colombia – Demystifying the Judicial System for Citizens

Colombia's legal system is complex and its citizens often complained of its inaccessibility. Colombia's Ministry of Justice and Law committed to developing a platform to help citizens gain better ...

Argentina Commitment to Erradicate Violence Against Women AP 2017-2019

Argentina – Amplifying the Feminist Movement

In Argentina, women experience higher unemployment, earn lower salaries for performing the same jobs as men, and do twice the amount of unpaid work as men.


Paraguay – Tackling the Culture of Secrecy in the Public Sector

In 2014, Paraguay became the 100 th country in the world to pass legislation that grants citizens access to public information. The work to open government, data and budgets began locally with one reformer determined to improve his ...


South Africa – Citizens Track Public Expenditure and Propose New Projects

Coined the rainbow nation to encapsulate the coming together of many different people, South Africa has been a global leader in budget transparency.


South Cotabato, Philippines – Citizen Monitoring of Public Infrastructure Projects

Inefficiencies in South Cotabato's procurement process led to delayed completion or hold up on implementation of 95 percent of planned infrastructure projects in 2017. A lack of publicly accessible information on the real-time status of ...

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