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Uruguay – Bridging the Gaps in Gender-Based Violence Data

Uruguay: Cerrando la brecha de los datos de violencia de género

2018 – 2020 Action Plan, Commitment #2

The Uruguayan government and civil society are working together to bring more awareness and clarity to the issue of gender-based violence against women. Together, they plan to combine and publish the fragmented information available on gender-based violence and streamline standards for agencies that work in this area. The Inter-institutional Commission — comprised of the Office of Budget and Planning, the Ministries of Interior and Social Development, the National Institute of Women, and the Uruguayan Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence — will create an observatory on gender-based violence against women. It will document the use of public resources about the Gender-Based Violence Against Women Act and publish the second edition of the National Survey on Prevalence of Generation- and Gender-Based Violence .

Photo Credit: UN Women/Sahand Minae

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