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Liberia – Justice from the Ground Up

Liberia: Justicia desde la raíz

2017 – 2019 Action Plan, Commitment #4

In Liberia, citizens often lack a clear understanding of how their justice system works. In an effort to build trust in the judiciary, the Chief Justice’s Office of Liberia will improve government capacity in the justice sector and grow the capability of citizens to recognize their role in it. In their 2013 – 2014 action plan, Liberia amended its jury laws to ensure that citizens serving on juries are well informed about cases, so trials can be conducted fairly. Liberia’s third action plan from 2017 – 2019 will build on these reforms. The Chief Justice’s Office will establish jury offices in more counties, train magistrates in all counties, and create systems for citizen monitoring of local court performance. The commitment’s guarantee of access to information on laws and regulations and citizen engagement at the local level will promote accountability.

Already, there is evidence of progress reflected in the number of judicial facilities constructed throughout the country, the programs and policies initiated to build capacity and improve systems, and the employment of additional judicial workers to deal with the growing number of court cases.

Photo Credit: Morgana Wingard for OGP

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