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Argentina – Amplifying the Feminist Movement

Argentina: Potenciar el movimiento feminista

2017 – 2019 OGP Action Plan, Commitment #23

In Argentina, women experience higher unemployment, earn lower salaries for performing the same jobs as men, and do twice the amount of unpaid work as men. [16] These issues motivated protests at Argentina’s National Congress in the early months of 2018. [17] The “Ni Una Menos” (“Not One Less”) movement, which began in 2015, focuses on reproductive rights, gender-based violence, and gender inequality and has forced the government to think about issues that matter to the people. As part of Argentina’s third OGP action plan, the National Women’s Institute worked with a variety of government ministries and civil society organizations to draft a new Plan for Equal Opportunity and Rights Unveiled on March 13, 2018 by President Mauricio Macri. The plan’s 35 proposals focus on three priorities — physical autonomy, financial autonomy and economic empowerment, and gender-based violence — and aim to provide public information about gender equality challenges and policies to address them. [18]

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Photo Credit: Instituto Nacional de Las Mujeres, Argentina

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