National Action Plan

What’s in the New OGP National Action Plans?

  Speakers Aichida Ul-Aflaha, Research Fellow, OGP Support Unit Abhinav Bahl, Manager, OGP Peer Exchange Joseph Foti, Manager IRM Description This webinar was based upon the report, “What's in the New OGP National Action Plans?” in which the OGP Support Unit highlighted noteworthy commitments and identified emerging trends in new action plans.  At the same time the OGP Support Unit presented their efforts to categorize and tag commitments which would help track and monitor implementation....

Webinar: Preparar Planes de Acción más robustos

Speakers Joseph Foti (IRM) Emilene Martinez (Coordinación Sociedad Civil OGP) Alonso Cerdan (Unidad de Apoyo OGP) Description Este webinar compartió distintas técnicas, guías y herramientas para la redacción de compromisos claros y planes de acción de calidad.   ACCESS THE RECORDED WEBINAR HERE:

Webinar: Co-creación de plan de acción y consultas

Speakers Emilene Martinez (Coordinación Sociedad Civil OGP) Eduardo Bohórquez (Transparencia Mexicana) Maikol Porras (Goberino Abierto Costa Rica) Description Este webinar contribuyó a reflexionar sobre consultas y co-creación del plan de acción y presentar materiales clave, incluyendo lineamientos sobre consultas basados en buenas prácticas internacionales, lecciones aprendidas y retos de experiencias nacionales.   ACCESS THE WEBINAR HERE:

New Zealand and the OGP: A Civil Society View

NZ.jpg Photo credit: The Icy Blue Lake by Trey Ratcliff via Flickr. Transparency International New Zealand very much welcomes the announcement this week that New Zealand has now officially joined the OGP. We see OGP membership as an important opportunity for the government to introduce new initiatives to strengthen transparency, public participation and accountability. While New Zealand scores highly on a range of international governance and transparency...