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OGP Local

Discover the successes, challenges, and solutions that have opened up government at the local level.


OGP Local Brochure 2021

Why Local? The OGP process provides a unique space to explore local solutions for global challenges. For example, many OGP Local members use their action plans to localize, advance and implement global efforts like the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

5th National Summit of Culture, Peru

Arts and Culture: The Next Open Government Frontier

You probably don’t associate open government with the arts very often, but they are more connected than you think. Their relationship usually manifests through initiatives...

South Africa 1 – Credit – Vulekamali

Open Money, Open Government

Through the Treasury, the South African government has invested in opening up budget information at the national and provincial levels. This has seen South Africa becoming a global leader in the Open Budget Survey.

Jus Lab Meeting

Hacking Judicial Language for Open Justice

In Argentina, like elsewhere in the world, accessing justice and understanding the judicial language is highly complex, so many people cannot comprehend the judicial processes that affect them or their rights...

Open Government Partnership