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This post originally appeared on the Brookings blog.

This post originally appeared on the Sunlight Foundation blog.

Remarks at the OGP Global Summit - Opening Plenary


This OGP Global Summit in Paris represents an absolutely pivotal moment to show a more hopeful vision of open government to the world.  It is an opportunity and imperative to reinvigorate and deepen democracy in the face of rising authoritarianism and growing citizen distrust in government.

Good afternoon and thank you to the Open Government Partnership for inviting me to join this important conversation.

I am here representing 376 investigative reporters from nearly 80 countries who for more than a year shared a big secret.

Recent years have seen an explosion of open government: efforts in the United States and around the world to make government more transparent, accountable, and participatory, including new initiatives using internet and mobile technologies, social media, and other innovations.

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Paris Salle Pleyel – Mercredi 7 décembre 2016


Mesdames, Messieurs les Chefs d’État, de gouvernement,

Paris, France - December 7, 2016 - Yesterday, the OGP Steering Committee received a letter from the Government of Hungary announcing its immediate withdrawal from the partnership. The Government of Hungary had been under review by OGP since July 2015 for concerns raised by civil society organizations regarding their space to operate in the country.


And so the year begins to close with much to reflect upon. Did we expect all these “crises” we’re now facing – and if not, why? What caused them? How do we engage with them now?

Personally, I was surprised at the collective shock at the year’s big moments – Brexit, for example, or the US presidential election. We view these events through a Northern prism.

At a time when global civic space seems to be closing and governments are moving away from transparency, Pakistan may be pushing in the other direction. In late November, ahead of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) Summit that begins in Paris today, the government sent a formal letter of intent to be a part of OGP.

PARIS, December 7 - The Third Annual Open Government Awards winners were announced today at the Open Government Partnership