The following text was contributed by the Government of Moldova. 

The Government of Moldova joined the Open Government Partnership to complement the already ongoing governance e-transformation agenda on specific issues such as transparency, access to public sector information, accountability, citizen engagement, fighting corruption and providing high quality public services.

Since joining the OGP, the Government of Moldova made visible progress on its commitments. As part of the open data initiative, the Law on public sector information reuse in line with the EU PSI Directive has been approved. This will lead to more public sector information to be released in accordance to the Conditions of public sector information reuse in the machine-readable formats. More data has already been open on public expenditure, health, economy, cadaster, and public servants’ income declarations as a reply to growing citizens’ demand for data. The Government will further continue to consolidate its national efforts on making public data open.

The Government has achieved significant progress in delivering electronic public services for citizens and private sector, such as e-licensing, e-reporting, mobile signature, and online payment for public services. The public service reform has been launched and the number of electronic services is constantly growing on the public services portal The delivery of electronic services and their high uptake by beneficiaries contribute to fighting corruption in the public sector, as well as reducing costs associated with the traditional way of public service delivery.

Public institutions have been more actively engaged with citizens through social media networks, through the citizen participation portal and they are adopting a government webpage template for better and easier user’s experience. Taking public opinion into consideration is an important component of openness and public institutions are collaborating closely with civil society in the implementation of the OGP commitments.

The Government of Moldova remains committed to the principles of open government and acknowledges that more effort still needs to be made to reach greater openness. But only through collaboration with citizens, private sector, international organizations and other governments we will deliver on our commitments.

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