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2016 Open Government Awards

In 2016, OGP took one of its foundational values – Transparency – and asked applicants to show its real promise for both governments and citizens. Governments and government-controlled entities collect, commission and produce vast quantities of data and information as part of their day-to-day activities. When these are made readily available and accessible, citizens can creatively use, analyze, visualize and share them for public benefit. This can potentially lead to a wide range of impacts such as improved civic participation in public life, more efficient functioning of government and the creation of new services with social and commercial value. So what does transparency’s real promise look like for you? Do you use the right to information law in your country to hold your government accountable? Have you used government held data to develop an app that citizens widely use to better access public services? Do you help organize data in a way that makes government functioning more effective and save money?


Ukraine: ProZorro

Shedding light on government procurement and saving taxpayers millions

Indonesia: API Pemilu

Demystifying elections for improved citizen engagement

Honduras: CoST Honduras

Tracking construction spending through community outreach and involvement



Malawi: CoST Malawi
Monitoring infrastructure spending to reduce corruption and enhance trust


Mexico: Budget Transparency Portal
Opening budget information to the public to enhance accountability


Mongolia: Check My Service
Giving citizens the power to track and propose government projects


Netherlands: Open Spending
Putting budget data online to enhance citizen education


2016 Awards Booklet: English | French | Spanish

For more information on this year’s winners or to find out about next year’s awards, visit the Awards site.

Need more inspiration?  Watch the videos below from 2015’s winners on ‘Improving Public Services‘.

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