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OGP’s team comes from government, civil society, business, nonprofits and more. They work in more than a dozen countries. Meet them and the broader community.

About Our Team

Meet the people who lead OGP and the open government movement.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is comprised of government and civil society representatives. Together, they guide the ongoing development and direction of OGP, maintaining the highest standards and ensuring its long-term sustainability.

Board of Directors

The five members of the OGP Board of Directors provide oversight of policy and procedures and strategic guidance to the organization.


OGP staff covers the globe – from the Philippines to Mexico to Kenya. Learn more about their background and OGP roles.


Ambassadors & Envoys

OGP Ambassadors are senior figures who lend their voices to raise awareness and advise members. OGP Envoys are former Steering Committee members who share their open government experience at public events and shape its forward agenda.

International Expert Panel

The IEP oversees the OGP Independent Reporting Mechanism by helping to ensure quality of the reviews, assess procedures and promote findings.

Newsletters & Mailing Lists

Stay up to date with OGP and open government events by subscribing to the monthly OGP Newsletter for news, the Gazette for technical information, and OGP’s Civil Society Mailing List to share open discussion, resources and experiences.