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Action Network

The OGP Action Network is composed of Ambassadors and Envoys, who are senior figures and former Steering Committee members working to raise OGP’s global profile, position the Partnership as an implementation platform for commitments, and share expertise on open government thematic areas and values.


OGP Ambassadors are senior figures charged with raising the partnership’s profile, protecting its credibility and promoting its sustainability. Their roles are designed to complement the work and existing responsibilities of the Steering Committee members and other OGP participating governments and civil society organisations.


A growing network of former OGP Steering Committee members who make connections to international networks, provide advice on strategic initiatives, and share expertise and learning with current SC members and OGP participants, including through peer-exchange activities. Envoys also represent OGP at high-profile public events and share their experiences of shaping the open government agenda.

Leaders Network

The OGP Leaders Network was a pilot program that ran from 2020 – 2021. Read more about it here.

Open Government Partnership