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Portrait of Robin Hodess

Robin Hodess

The B Team

Robin became Director of Governance & Transparency at The B Team in April 2018. She has been working in the fields of governance, transparency and social justice for two decades, including engagement with the private sector in a range in multistakeholder initiatives.
Prior to that, Robin was acting Managing Director and Strategy Director at Transparency International, after having led Transparency International’s global policy, research and advocacy efforts for many years. She has also worked at the Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs in New York and taught at universities in the UK and Germany.

Since September 2016, Robin has been a civil society member of the Open Government Partnership Steering Committee.

Robin holds a PhD and MPhil in International Relations from Cambridge University and a BA in History from the University of Pennsylvania.


You can follow her on Twitter @RobinHodess.

Authored Content


What to Expect in the Year Ahead

With the leadership of the Steering Committee 2019-2020 co-chairs, OGP will focus on people-centered justice, digital governance, and stronger civic space in the year ahead.

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