1. Cost Measurement and Reduction

    IT0004, , Public Participation

  2. Quantitative and Qualitative Development of Relations with Citizens and PA Stakeholders

    IT0006, , Democratizing Decision-Making

  3. Public Consultation on New Policies and New Legislations

    IT0012, , Public Participation

  4. Enhancing Participation and Collaboration in Territorial Innovative Actions

    IT0013, , Local Commitments

  5. Participa!

    IT0017, , Democratizing Decision-Making

  6. Equip Public Administrations (PA) for Participation

    IT0018, , Capacity Building

  7. TransPArenti+1

    IT0019, , Access to Information

  8. Open Data Portal

    IT0020, , Access to Information

  9. Starred commitment Follow the Money (Soldipubblici)

    IT0021, , Access to Information

  10. Digital Citizenship

    IT0022, , Capacity Building

  11. Shared National Agenda for the Enhancement of Public Data

    IT0023, , Access to Information

  12. Access and Reuse of Data from the Education System

    IT0026, , Access to Information

  13. OpenCUP Portal – National Registry of Public Investment Projects

    IT0027, , Access to Information

  14. Firenze Open Data

    IT0028, , Access to Information

  15. (More) Transparent Administration

    IT0030, , Capacity Building

  16. Social Networks for Transparency in PA

    IT0031, , Capacity Building

  17. Consip Tenders’ Dashboard

    IT0033, , Anti Corruption and Integrity

  18. Transparent Milan: Public Registry of Elected and Appointed Representatives

    IT0034, , Democratizing Decision-Making

  19. Starred commitment Open Administration Week

    IT0035, , Public Participation

  20. Strategy for Participation

    IT0036, , Capacity Building

  21. Public Works 2.0

    IT0037, , Capacity Building

  22. Starred commitment Rome Cooperates

    IT0038, , Access to Information

  23. Bologna Decides and Transforms

    IT0039, , Capacity Building

  24. Supporting and Protecting Whistleblowers

    IT0040, , Anti Corruption and Integrity

  25. Follow the UBB

    IT0041, , Access to Information

  26. Opencoesione Plus

    IT0042, , Access to Information

  27. OPENAID 2.0

    IT0043, , Access to Information

  28. Network of Digital Animators

    IT0045, , Education

  29. Schoolkit: a Strategy to Value Best Practices in Education

    IT0046, , Capacity Building

  30. Monitor the Education Reform “La Buona Scuola”

    IT0047, , Capacity Building

  31. Transparency Registry of the Ministry for Economic Development

    IT0048, , Anti Corruption and Integrity

  32. Roma Capitale - Transparent Agenda

    IT0049, , Capacity Building

  33. Transparent Milan: Public Agenda of Meetings of Public Decision-Makers

    IT0050, , Anti Corruption and Integrity

  34. Italia.It

    IT0051, , Capacity Building

  35. Starred commitment Deployment of SPID to Support Innovation

    IT0052, , Access to Justice

  36. Observatory on Digital Rights

    IT0053, , Capacity Building

  37. Becoming Digital Citizens

    IT0056, , Capacity Building

  38. Open Data

    IT0057, , Access to Information

  39. Support to Participation

    IT0060, , Capacity Building

  40. Regulation of Stakeholders

    IT0061, , Anti Corruption and Integrity

  41. Culture of Open Government

    IT0062, , Public Participation

  42. Corruption Prevention

    IT0063, , Access to Information

  43. Simplification, Performance, and Equal Opportunities

    IT0064, , Inclusion

  44. Digital Citizenship and Skills

    IT0066, , Capacity Building

  45. Guidelines for Senate consultations

    IT0072, , Democratizing Decision-Making

  46. Establishment of Multi-Stakeholder Forum

    IT0073, , Gender

  47. Networks for Integrity and Transparency

    IT0074, , Anti Corruption and Integrity

  48. Participation and Monitoring of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan

    IT0076, , Access to Information

  49. National Hub to Support Participatory Policies

    IT0077, , Capacity Building

  50. Gender Equality in Public and Private Sectors

    IT0078, , Access to Information

  51. Opportunities for Youth Participation

    IT0079, , Inclusion

  52. Adoption of Open Contracting Standards

    IT0081, , Access to Information