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Creating OGP’s Future Together – Join the Online Discussions


OGP is co-creating a new strategy for 2023 to 2028! View all the details on the process so far and ways to get involved here.

Phase 2

Based on what we heard during Phase 1, the OGP Support Unit developed a number of strategic directions and ideas for how OGP can transform to meet the moment. These ideas were then reviewed, modified and validated by the OGP Steering Committee.

Now, we want to collect your feedback on the ideas. For each strategic question, you can rate the extent to which you agree or disagree with the ideas to address it, along with your reasons (pros and cons), as well as submit your own ideas for consideration by others.

The directions below are not the only ones that will go on to shape the final strategy. For example, there are a number of preconditions to success (e.g. strengthening civic space, securing political leadership, and mobilizing resources for the partnership) that we will need there own sub-strategies to secure. And the directions below also do not cover some core operations (e.g. member support, IRM, communications) that will continue to find a home in the new strategy. The consultation at this stage focuses on directions that signal a shift in how OGP seeks to make its best contribution.

Share your feedback

Phase 1

For Phase 1, we used – a real-time collaborative survey tool that allowed the community to respond to statements and add their own. Explore what we heard below.

Open Government Partnership