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Creating OGP's Future Together

Strategic Planning 2023-2028


Please join us and the whole open government community to co-create OGP’s new strategy.

Together, we will build on the advances made in transparency, accountability, and public participation and the promise of new technologies.

We will ensure that OGP is fit-for-purpose to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.


As OGP enters its second decade, we all have our stories about the many ways in which it has exceeded our expectations since it was founded. But as our movement has grown and shown pockets of progress that the OGP community can be proud of, so too have the regressive forces of populism and authoritarianism pulling in the direction of closed governments.

The successes are not yet adding up in changing the culture of governments towards becoming more transparent, participatory, inclusive, and accountable.


By applying lessons learned in our first decade, we can reinvigorate OGP and deliver on the promise of open, inclusive, accountable and responsive government.

OGP is nothing without its community of reformers. We want to ensure that we are investing our energy in the places that best support your efforts to open up governments. And that, of course, means that this new strategy has to be shaped by you. We invite you all to get involved.

Read more about OGP’s origins, founding principles, and the context in which we are developing the new strategy here.


The Process

Phase 1 Report

We launched our strategy development in May to apply the lessons learned from our first decade to meet the current and future challenges open government reformers face.

Since then, over 800 people have contributed through various channels. As we wrap up Phase 1, explore what we’ve heard so far and learn about the ways you can contribute in the next phase here.

Emerging Strategic Directions

Explore emerging strategic directions for the strategy, based on the lessons learned from ten years of evidence from OGP and the community consultations carried out between May – August 2022.

The paper will be discussed at the OGP Steering Committee (SC) retreat from October 13-14 and serve as the starting point for framing the community consultations in the next phase. The SC will validate the strategic directions and provide input on the options to take these forward. Based on their input, we will refine the proposed strategic directions and ways to operationalize them and share this for public consultation. We will add the minutes of the SC meeting and next steps on this page.


We will develop the strategy throughout 2022 and into 2023, with opportunities for and community input and engagement included throughout.

Explore the ways to get involved in shaping the new OGP strategy:

Join the Online Discussions

The online discussions for Phase 2 will launch soon! In the meantime, you can engage in our current discussion topics here.

Host a Community Conversation

If you want to host a conversation on the findings and implications of the Phase 1 Report with your multi-stakeholder forum or within your networks, get in touch with us at

Join our strategy sessions at the OGP regional meetings:

Join community dialogues in November (dates and registration information to be updated on the OGP website shortly).

Share Your Views

Share your experiences and opinions in the Stakeholder Survey, which now includes additional questions to inform the new strategy.

Read the Feedback

See what the team has heard so far in our Phase 1 Report here.

Access the raw feedback here.

Get in Touch

Have questions for our strategy team? Get in touch at

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