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OGP Handbook – Rules and Guidance for Participants (2019)

Version 4.0 (Formerly OGP POC Manual)
February 2019

The OGP Support Unit proudly presents the OGP Handbook: Rules and Guidance for Participants. When we started working on the fourth edition of the “POC Manual”, we realized that this document has been used by an array of OGP actors beyond government officials. Therefore we have decided to rebrand and rework the structure and contents to try to make it relevant and useful for all OGP participants.

The  OGP Handbook: Rules and Guidance for Participants provides crisp and clear information about all things OGP including:

  • Description of roles and responsibilities of domestic actors;
  • Action plan cycle with updated calendar including new IRM reporting structure and deadlines,
  • Rules about delays and extensions,
  • Advice on how to manage electoral/transitional processes, and
  • General guidance on how to develop an Action Plan and Self-Assessment Reports.

It also includes, guidance on recently approved changes to the OGP Articles of Government; including rules and guidelines on how to develop the mandatory online repository and information on the minimum requirements for all OGP participating governments.

This handbook was designed to be used together with the OGP Participation and Co-creation Toolkit which provides guidance on developing successful co-creation and implementation processes in line with the requirements established in the OGP Participation and Co-Creation Standards.



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