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OGP Handbook – Rules and Guidance for Participants (2020)

OGP Handbook Graphic

Version 4.1 (Formerly OGP POC Manual) – February 2020

The OGP Support Unit proudly presents the 2020 edition of the OGP Handbook: Rules and Guidance for Participants (French | Spanish).
The  OGP Handbook: Rules and Guidance for Participants provides crisp and clear information about all things OGP for participating countries, including:

  • Description of roles and responsibilities of domestic actors;
  • Action plan cycle with updated calendar,
  • Rules about delays and extensions,
  • Advice on how to manage electoral/transitional processes, and
  • General guidance on how to develop an Action Plan and Self-Assessment Reports.

For the 2020 edition we have further developed guidance on information on the minimum requirements for all OGP participating governments, especially during the co-creation process. It also includes some considerations to keep in mind due to the IRM Refresh.

This handbook was designed to be used together with the OGP Participation and Co-creation Toolkit which provides guidance on developing successful co-creation and implementation processes in line with the requirements established in the OGP Participation and Co-Creation Standards.


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David Harvengt Reply

It will be very useful for my work

Carlos Garza Reply


Diego Andrés Keiran Arrivillaga Reply

¿Existe algún programa de capacitación para integrantes de OSC? Nos gustaría cosnustanciarnos con los objetivos para la capacitación a ciudadanos desde la infancia y Organizaciones.
Muchas gracias!

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