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OGP Handbook – Rules and Guidance for Participants (2020)

OGP Handbook Graphic

Version 4.1 (Formerly OGP POC Manual) – February 2020

The OGP Support Unit proudly presents the 2020 edition of the OGP Handbook: Rules and Guidance for Participants (French | Spanish).
The  OGP Handbook: Rules and Guidance for Participants provides crisp and clear information about all things OGP for participating countries, including:

  • Description of roles and responsibilities of domestic actors;
  • Action plan cycle with updated calendar,
  • Rules about delays and extensions,
  • Advice on how to manage electoral/transitional processes, and
  • General guidance on how to develop an Action Plan and Self-Assessment Reports.

For the 2020 edition we have further developed guidance on information on the minimum requirements for all OGP participating governments, especially during the co-creation process. It also includes some considerations to keep in mind due to the IRM Refresh.

This handbook was designed to be used together with the OGP Participation and Co-creation Toolkit which provides guidance on developing successful co-creation and implementation processes in line with the requirements established in the OGP Participation and Co-Creation Standards.


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David Harvengt Reply

It will be very useful for my work

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