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OGP National Handbook – Rules and Guidance for Participants (2022)

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Version 5.0 (Formerly OGP POC Manual) – Updated February 2022

The OGP National Handbook was designed to help reformers in government and civil society navigate the OGP process. It includes guidance, examples, best practices, templates, and information on minimum requirements of all the key moments in a country’s participation in OGP.

All content has been updated to reflect the new OGP Participation and Co-creation Standards which were designed to ensure that the rules are light touch and flexible, and lead to greater action plan ambition, inclusion, and relevance. Ultimately, the intent is to equip reformers with better guidance on how to use OGP to respond to their country’s most pressing societal challenges.

This handbook consists of seven parts

  • Section 1 discusses the roles and responsibilities of key actors in the open government process. 
  • Section 2 details the requirements in co-creation.
  • Section 3 outlines action plan rules and required templates in co-creation.
  • Section 4 focuses on implementation of the action plan.
  • Section 5 describes accountability processes and information provision.
  • Section 6 provides guidance on other actors in open government beyond the executive department, more specifically the judiciary and local governments.
  • Section 7 provides the minimum participation requirements and guidance for when countries are considered acting contrary to process. 


Comments (4)

Gladys Estela Riveros Rojas Reply

Buen día
Podría acceder a los talleres en el mes de junio referente: “En el mundo del gobierno abierto, hay muchas historias que merecen ser contadas”.
En este sentido también si podrían pasar a mi correo el Manual Nacional OGP 2022 (PDF) Español
y/o otro material, documentos entre otros, el motivo estoy apoyando en la elaboración de reglamento de la Mesa Conjunta y del Comité Ejecutivo de Gobierno Abierto Paraguay en forma voluntaria.

jose perez Reply

Hola Gladys. Te puedes registrar para el taller de historias en español aquí. Y puedes acceder al Manual aquí.


Appreciate the open building strategies and governance through better leadership and service delivery.

Gerardo Vergara Cañumir Reply

Excelente aporte el manual, para quienes participamos en las mesas de Gobierno Abierto, en mi caso en Chile en representación de la Red Academica de Gobierno Abierto de Chile,
saludos desde Chile

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