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After GLOW: Outcomes of the Global Legislative Openness Week (an Update from the Legislative Openness Working Group)

Scott Hubli,,Director of Governance Programs, National Democratic Institute
Juan Pablo Olmedo, Chief Advisor, Bicameral Commission on Transparency, Chilean Congress
Dante Preisser, Advisor to Mexican Senator Arely Gómez González
Dan Swislow, Governance Program Officer, National Democratic Institute

The Open Government Partnership has grown to 64 member countries since its launching in 2011. New action plans have been drafted with increasing interest in the open legislative agenda. As a result the Legislative Openness Working Group (LOWG) was launched at the end of 2013. Among other objectives the LOWG aims to provide a forum for peer knowledge sharing, develop tools and resources to address legislative openness issues, identify areas for research and opportunities for partnerships and technical assistance.

In this session, the co-anchors of the Legislative Openness Working Group will provide an update on the activities of the group since its launch last year, including inter-parliamentary exchanges, the launch of the Global Legislative Openness Survey, and participation at regional OGP events throughout the year. In addition, speakers will present information on the upcoming Global Legislative Openness Week (GLOW), which will comprise events hosted by parliaments and civil society organizations around the world, focused on legislative openness. In addition the LOWG member from Mexico will discuss the launch of the national Open Parliament Partnership and a new bicameral commission on transparency in the Congress of Mexico.


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