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Co-creation Week Webinar Event: Europe


Date and time: March 29 (04:00 EST, 9:00 UK, 10:00 Rome, 11:00 Kiev)

Language: English


  • Webinar Chairs: Helen Turek, Government Support and Exchange Program Officer; and Peter Varga, Regional Civil Society Coordinator for Europe
  • Stefano Pizzacannella, OGP Government Point of Contact, Italy
  • Nastia Kozlovtseva, Fundraiser and Manager of International Relations, TI Ukraine
  • Ben Worthy, IRM Researcher, UK


This month, 30 OGP participating countries are expected to begin developing new National Action Plans (NAPs). Governments, civil society organizations, and citizens will work together to develop ambitious commitments to make public services more responsive, public policies more inclusive and participative, combat grand corruption, provide greater public accountability, and address the most pressing problems that each country faces through openness.

From March 27 to 30, OGP will carry out a series of activities as part of the first ever Global Co-Creation Week, including hosting four co-creation webinars for each region: Africa, Americas, Asia, and Europe. Our goal is to make sure that the OGP community is aware of the requirements outlined in the new OGP Participation and Co-creation Standards and that best practices and ideas are shared across the community. In doing so, we can co-create solutions to some of the most pressing issues of our time and make governments more open, accountable, and responsive to citizens.

This webinar will be kicked off by Helen Turek and Peter Varga with a dynamic presentation of the new Participation and Co-creation Standards and how they can be used to achieve greater ambition and true co-creation of OGP NAPs. Afterwards, Stefano Pizzacannella, the OGP Government PoC for Italy, will share how the OGP consultation process was carried out in Italy, and the value of working closely with civil society in developing Italy’s NAP. Nastia Kozlovtseva, Fundraiser and Manager of International Relations at TI Ukraine, will share her experience on advocating for certain reforms and how she leveraged the co-creation process to accomplish this. In addition, Ben Worthy, the IRM Researcher for the UK, will share UK’s civil society experience in organizing and collaborating with government within the OGP process, and share examples of good co-creation practices. The second half of the webinar will be reserved for general Q&A with the participants.

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